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Our Vision

To strive for a reconciled and just Tasmania that acknowledges, understands and values Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in all aspects of life and walking together to achieve this vision.  

We believe the heart of Reconciliation is creating and maintaining relationships based on reciprocity and respect with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. 

Read our full vision and value statement here.

Our Purpose

To champion a Tasmanian society that understands prejudice, discrimination and racism through education, conversation and advocacy.   

We commit to relationships built on trust and respect, demonstrating the positive impact on the advancement of a reconciled Tasmania.

In all things we do, we will be guided by our core values.

Our Values

Truth Listening: acknowledges that deep listening is needed for reciprocal relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.   

Acceptance and Recognition: acknowledges colonisation and its ongoing impacts have impacted the rights, culture, identity and lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.  

Unity: acknowledges that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ self-determination is the basis for a shared journey.  

The Five Dimensions of Reconciliation and Voice, Truth and Treaty

Purpose and activities are guided by Reconciliation Australia’s Five Dimensions of Reconciliation, which are Race Relations, Equality and Equity, Institutional Integrity, Unity and Historical Acceptance. These are closely aligned to the reconciliation pillars of Voice, Truth and Treaty.

Take a deep dive into Voice, Truth and Treaty and the 2017 Uluru Statement from the Heart by heading here.

Resourcing Educators

Resourcing educators to empower students to learn about our our true history and First People’s cultures.

Reconciliation Tasmania works with educators from early learning through to secondary school, promoting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures.

Facilitate research

Facilitate research and consultation on policy affecting communities: Reconciliation Tasmania has and will continue to consult with Aboriginal organisations and individuals in response to policy reviews by Government including:

  • Land Return
  • Dual Naming
  • Heritage Act reviews.

Consultation provides an avenue for Aboriginal people to have their say on issues under review, which affect them directly, such as the above examples. Reconciliation Tasmania has previously contributed to the 2018 Joint Select Committee on Constitutional Recognition with comments recorded on Hansard in support of Constitutional recognition, following the Statement from the Heart declaration.

Relationships underpin what we aim to achieve

Reconciliation Tasmania works with individuals and organisations who want to join with us on the reconciliation journey.

Our commitment to systemic change relies on trust and long-term relationships that are genuine, authentic and two-way.

Our staff and Board all have a role in forging relationships with our business, government and community partners – all of whom chose to be part of the reconciliation journey to ‘finish the unfinished business’ about who we are as a nation.

We support all Aboriginal Tasmanians

We work with all people who self-identify as Aboriginal. The impact of the Stolen Generation, and lack of documentation, has reduced the capacity for many to verify their heritage and to access services .

Reconciliation Tasmania acts as an agency for capacity building in Aboriginal enterprise to facilitate linkages between aspiring business owners and mentors.