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On-Country Day Walk – Taroona Foreshore

Words & photos Kirsten Grant

This week the monthly meet-up for our Youth Mob program was a walk along the Taroona foreshore.

We were joined by Lizzi Oh from Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies – IMAS who had collected a range of different native and introduced seaweeds, whelks – like a periwinkle, also the slightly creepy but fascinating sea urchin – watch its spines move! She delivered some fascinating information about the sea around Taroona Beach. There was even a research vessel near us studying crayfish!

First Nations Cultural Advisor Tasman Langford took us further around the coast from the beach discussing bush tucker and cultural practices as we walked. We headed to the fish trap in front of Taroona High before enjoying a delicious morning tea.

Cultural Advisor Tas Langford talking about the different native plants and how they were used, and still are today.

For millennia the foreshore was a popular gathering place for the Mouhenneener Aboriginal people. ‘Taroona’ is the Aboriginal name for chiton (kytun) – a shell animal found along the foreshore.

Lizz Oh from IMAS discussing different seaweeds and other creatures from the Marine Nature reserve at Taroona Beach.

The next Youth Mob meet-up is an overnight camp at Murrayfield on Bruny Island, tickets are very limited:



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