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1995 – 2020


October saw the return of 12 parcels of land under the Aboriginal Lands Act: 5 muttonbird islands- Big Dog, Babel, Steep Head and Chappell islands. 3 historic sites- Risdon Cove, Oyster Cove and Preminghana and 3 Sacred cave sites in the TWWHA- Kuti Kina, Ballawinne and Wargata Mina caves.


The Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Inquiry released the Stolen Generation Report. It reported that most Tasmanian Aboriginal children had been stolen in living memory between 1935 and 1980.

The Tasmanian Parliament was the first in Australia to formally apologise and compensate the Stolen Generation.


Wybalenna was returned to the people. 


Over 10,000 people walked across the Tasman Bridge in support of the Stolen Generation and Reconciliation.


Clarke Island and 50,000 hectares on CBIs were returned to the people.


The State Liberal Government under the leadership of Will Hodgman announced a policy to resent the relationship with all Tasmanian Aboriginal people. The Tasmanian Regional Aboriginal Communities Alliance (TRACA) was established with membership from 7 incorporated organisations- Circular Head Aboriginal Corporation (CHAC), Six Rivers Aboriginal Corporation (SRAC), Flinders Island Aboriginal Association Incorporated (FIAAI), Melythina Tiakana Warrener Aboriginal Corporation (MTWAC), Parradama Puggenna Aboriginal Corporation (PPAC), Weetapoona Aboriginal Corporation and South East Tasmanian Aboriginal Corporation (SETAC).


The amendment to the State Constitution Act of 1934 Preamble became law that recognizes the Tasmanian Aboriginal people as the First People of the land and waterways and acknowledges the contributions of Aboriginal people to the State of Tasmania.


On January 21 the Premier gave an Australia Day Address that acknowledged the contribution of Tasmanian Aboriginal people to the state of Tasmania. In August the Reconciliation Council of Tasmania was launched in Hobart with about 700 people attending the event.


The Governor, The Honourable Kate Warner, AC, flew the Aboriginal flag alongside the Tasmanian Flag for the first time on a permanent basis at Government House, Hobart.