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1835 – 1880


Mannalargenna continued with GAR as a trusted ‘guide’ until October 1835 when they returned to Wybalenna Aboriginal Establishment on Flinders Island. On 4 December Mannalargenna died in exile at Wybalenna.


GAR removed a number of people from Wybalenna to Port Phillip. 


Tunnerminerwait and Timmee (Maulboyheener) were the first to be hanged in Victoria. The survivors of GAR’s ‘experiment’ returned to Wybalenna. The last family of 7 who were from the northwest coast including a young Nanny (William) Lanne and his older brother (Barnaby Rudge), arrived at Wybalenna on a Straitsmen’s boat.


A petition was sent to Queen Victoria with the request that the Little Musselroe Bay Promise – Agreement between GAR and Mannalargenna on 6 August 1831 be honoured (Ryan p147) and that the commandant Jeaneret not be allowed to return to Wybalenna.


Wybalenna closed and the 47 people removed to Oyster Cove. Fanny Cochran eventually left Oyster Cove to marry George Smith and live at Nicholls Rivulet. All the rest died at the Cove or in Hobart.