Reconciliation Council Of Tasmania – promotes and facilitates reconciliation by building relationships, respect and trust between the wider Tasmanian community and Tasmania's first peoples


Reconciliation Tasmania (RT) was launched at Macquarie Point in Hobart by the Tasmanian Governor and Premier on 9th August 2017 – the UN’s Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples. Since then, an RT Board of 12 Tasmanian’s has been appointed and has met in October 2017 and February 2018 to determine RT’s Operational Plan for 2018.

The membership of the RT Board of 12 Tasmanian’s comprises 6 Tasmanian Aboriginals and 6 non-Aboriginal members and is spread with representation from the North, North West and Southern regions of Tasmania.

The RT Board is co-chaired by Fiona Hughes and Bill Lawson.

Three regional RT groups have been established in the North, North West and South of Tasmania through which RT’s operational plan will be executed in 2018.

From early 2018 RT has 2 part-time staff:

Mark Redmond is our Chief Executive and is based in Hobart – contact E: / 0456 631 108;

Fiona Hughes is the Executive Director, based in Launceston – contact E: / 0458 653 319.

Mark and Fiona are being supported and assisted by a team of RT volunteers drawn from RT’s membership base of about 161 Tasmanian’s – as at May 2018.

  • All Tasmanian’s are invited to become members of RT, simply by clicking on the ‘Members Register Here’ menu link.
  • All expressions of interest receive a prompt response with details of membership levels available to them
  • ‘Active’ which means actively involved and ‘Passive’ which means being kept informed about RT’s activities.
  • All active members are invited to become a RT volunteer to work with us within their personal constraints of time and talents as well as geographic limitations.