About Vision Statement

Reconciliation Tasmania is a wholly independent, neutral and registered ‘not for profit’ organisation which has been established to provide a safe and friendly place where all Tasmanians can seek to become involved in real reconciliation.  We aim to achieve this through building relationships, respect and trust between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Tasmanians through our projects and activities.

We will promote the ongoing culture and history of the Tasmanian Aboriginal people with the broader non-Aboriginal community to strengthen reconciliation and foster a greater understanding by all Tasmanians of our shared past.

We believe that by celebrating the story of Aboriginal survival, the rich cultural traditions and land management that underpin their long connection to this country, Tasmanians will be better informed in understanding and connecting with Tasmanian Aborigines.  By sharing the truth about our recent past, post 1803, we also believe that reconciliation between our Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities will be strengthened.

Reconciliation Tasmania seeks to assist the many Tasmanians seeking truth and reconciliation in order to make our State more welcoming and informed for all. The Reconciliation Tasmania Board consists of 12 Tasmanians, 6 Aboriginal and 6 non-Aboriginal, drawn equally from the north-west, north and south of the State. We conduct our activities through these three regional groups and welcome new members through our website at www.rectas.com.au.