Reconciliation Action Plan

  1. RT Profile and Publicity


  • Identify and engage with volunteers
  • Establish networks and protocols
  • Prepare positions on current and emerging issues of relevance
  • Other


  • Engage with volunteers
  • Design layout
  • Populate
  • Maintain up to date
  • Other

Social Media

  • Identify and engage with volunteers
  • Engage with current and emerging issues of relevance
  • Other
  1. Projects

Education and Early Childhood

In mid 2017, RT set up an Education and Early Learning Working Group (remains active) which has produced the following;

  • Meet to gain support
    • UTAS Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor
    • Education Minister
    • Education Department/Aboriginal Education
    • Catholic Education
    • Early Learning Centres ELC’s (eg. Discovery Childcare)
  • Narragunnawali
    • Plan and present 3 regional workshops for Colleges, Schools and ELC’s in N, NW, S in 2018
    • Support and assist participating Colleges, Schools and ELC’s
    • Assist overlaps and synergies with local networks
  • ‘Youth Speakout’ Project: Spoken word/art/music exhibit of what ‘reconciliation’ means for young people: Plan to present nominees from 3 regions to Parliament October 2018
    • Plan, launch and facilitate in April 2018.
  1. Relationships

Local Government

  • Highlight and promote Australia Day leadership by Flinders Council/FIAA/CBI during Furneaux Festival 19/1/18 to 21/1/18
  • Promote and assist local government participation in Reconciliation Week, 27/5/18 to 3/6/18 with focus on known supporters to achieve 2-3 councils in N, NW and S; viz Clarence, Kingborough, Central Coast, Circular Head, Dorset, Georgetown
  • Likewise focus on regional leaders; viz Hobart, Launceston, Burnie/Devonport
  • Promote and assist councils to prepare Reconciliation Action Plans (RAP’s)
  • Build relationship with LGAT as conduit to all councils statewide

Faith Groups

  • Identify volunteer as ‘Faith Communities Convenor’
  • Build relationships with all interested faith groups, current status as follows
    • Christian
      • Catholic /Anglican/UCA/Baptist/Salvation Army
    • Others – Islam, Buddhist, B’Hai, Quakers, Other

Community Groups

  • Multi-Cultural Council
  • Royal Society
  • Youth Network of Tasmania
  1. Celebrations
  • National Reconciliation Week – 27/5/18 to 3/6/18
    • Reconciliation Breakfasts – Hobart/Launceston/Burnie
    • ‘On Country; Field Days – Hobart/Launceston/Burnie
  • NAIDOC Week – 8/7/18 to 15/7/18 – ‘Because of her, we can’
    • RT Event to be scheduled
  • Narragunnawali workshop launch August 2018
  • International Day of the Worlds Indigenous Peoples (IDWIP) – 9/8/18
  • Youth Speakout Project – Word/art/music theme presentation by young people on the topic – “How can we do reconciliation better in Tasmania ? Event to be presented in both Parliament and at Government House by 9 young people selected by regions in October 2018.
  1. Income Earning Enterprises

Reconciliation Tasmania has been established as a registered ‘not for profit’ Company limited by guarantee on the basis that it will not seek ongoing government funding for operational purposes. Notwithstanding, grant funding for establishment purposes has been sought and obtained. Consequently, RT needs to move quickly to establish its own income stream before the end of 2018 when establishment grant funds will have been fully expended. In mid 2017, an Enterprise Working Group was established to develop identified enterprises. Three income earning enterprise opportunities have been identified by the Working Group as follows of which RAP consulting is clearly the fastest startup option;

Reconciliation Action Plans

  • Establish RT consulting panel, all regions – Completed 24 March 2018
  • Reconciliation Australia (RA) training, assessment and accreditation of RT consultants
  • Marketing of RAP’s statewide to all sectors seeking to gain commissions –
  • Prepare RAP’s on a ‘fee for service’ basis, registered with Reconciliation Australia

Tasmanian Aboriginal Tourism

  • Identify opportunities to assist existing operators to upscale – work in progress
  • Identify and develop new opportunities – work in progress

Tasmanian Aboriginal Advisory and Assistance

  • Identify opportunities to provide services in the public domain – work in progress
  1. RT Membership
  • A standing invitation is open to all Tasmanians to join RT by ‘expression of interest’ through the RT website –
  • Membership is currently open to individuals at either an ‘active’ (= active) or ‘passive’ (= kept informed) levels.
  • A corporate membership grade is currently under consideration by the RT Board.
  • At this time there is no membership fee payable.
  1. Regional Groups

RT’s operations and activities will be carried out on a regional basis to strategic directions set by the RT Board.

There are three established regional groups;

  • North West – co-chairs Margaret Shearer and Norm Richardson;
  • North – co-chairs Fiona Hughes and Russell Reid;
  • South – co-chairs Rodney Dillon and Bill Lawson.
  1. Personal Learning and Development
  • Recommended Reading List
  • Chat Room on website
  • Cultural Awareness Program ‘on country’
  1. Volunteers

RT members are invited to make voluntary contributions, currently to the following roles:

  • RAP Consultancy
  • Narragunnawali / ‘Youth Speakout’ projects
  • Key Weeks Coordination (Reconciliation Week, NAIDOC, IDWIP)
  • Local Government
  • Faith Groups
  • Administration
  • Marketing/Graphic Design
  • Financial Control
  • Website, Social Media, ICT Support
  • Legal Support