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Reconciliation Tasmania presents
Youth Speakout 2020

Always was, always will be.

Calling all Tasmanian school students from Year 5 to Year 12, here’s YOUR chance to have a say.
Prepare a short speech (up to 750 words), a poem, short film, art piece, or recording of a musical performance or dance, in response to the 2020 topic:

How can we walk together to create a better future for all Tasmanians?

Registrations can be uploaded through the form below from the 1st March.

Selected students from each region will be invited to present to their entry at Parliament House and Government House on Tuesday 15th September, 2020.

All student entrants will have their say at a ‘Takumuna’ (stand up, talk up) public event in Term 4 in all three regions.

Registrations and entries close August, 2020.




My artwork entitled ‘We come from the land’ honours those who came before us and painted their hands upon the land and it recognises the sacrifice of our people through their bloodshed and displacement.

The relationship we share with the land and with each other is deeply rooted and it spreads to be inclusive of others. The promise of reconciliation dawns but it can only be seen by acknowledging our people, our past and our connection.

Artwork by Phoenix Lorbach: Contemporary Aboriginal Artist and Student Entrant in Youth Speakout 2019.

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